The Ultimate Guide of Wiring a 220 Outlet

Electric works are never free from safety hazards. But you can dodge them all only if you’re able to master them. Wiring a 220 outlet for a welder is a bit risky. But you can ace the job after taking proper safety precautions.

Informing yourself about such a sensitive and vital topic is not child’s play. That’s why I have brought to you this article about how to wire a 220 outlet for a welder.

In this article, I have comprehended some of the essential tips and steps about wiring. So, hold your horses and go through this article.

How to Wire A 220 Outlet for A Welder?

As I have previously mentioned, safety in cases of electric works is very essential. No matter how apt you are in this field, there’s no substitute for taking safety precautions.

Wiring a 220 outlet has many hacks and tricks. As the task is a bit tricky, you need to find a hack that works for you. Electrical work always depends on mastery and precautions.

Things you may need:

Before jumping into the steps, let me inform you which items you may need to execute this task!

  • Wire Stripper
  • A 6-Inch Wire
  • Flush Mount two gang box
  • Cable ripper
  • Outlet cover
  • 50 Amp two-pole breaker
  • Anti-corrosive adhesive

Now let’s get going with the steps of wiring. Happy welding!

Step 1

Before starting the task, don’t forget to turn off the circuit breaker. And then lock the handle off. There’s nothing more important than your safety and security. You should only go to the next step after doing all these things.

Step 2

For getting access to the breakers, remove the metal cover first. Once the circuit breaker is dead, use the 50-amp two pole breaker into the box. Plug it properly. The box has to have the ability to support that two-pole breaker.

Double-check if the box has two spaces for supporting these two-pole breakers. Then go to the next step, once this step is clear.

Step 3

Affix the flush mount two gang boxes with the surface of the wall. Fix it very tightly so that it doesn’t move. Ensure the proper placement of the gang box before pursuing the proceeding step.

Step 4

Now let’s jump into the real job! In this step, you’ll need to deal with wires. You’ll have to fix them. Here, you will use that 6” wire that you have bought. And they already have to be inside the boxes.

Unraveling some sheathing is both the boxes. And here, boxes mean both breaker box and two-gang box.

Step 5

Bring out the 12” plastic sheath of that 6” wire that you got from your nearby store. Use the cable ripper to do it. Strip 1” from the sheath of the wire. And this part of the cable is going to use the circuit box.

Step 6

Put one end of the wire inside the two gang boxes and the other side inside the circuit box.

Step 7

Now let’s tell you how to wire a 220 plug for a welder. Execute the steps related to the work inside the wire inside the two-gang box. Give the connection of it with the outlet. Then let’s describe how to wire a 220v plug with 3 wires.

And for executing this part, you’ll require three wires- red, black, and a bare one. You can’t connect them with the receptacle without them. Make sure that you tight connect the wire with every screw.

Attach the bare wire in the ground terminal and the red and black wire in the two-pronged terminal.

Step 8

Use the anti-corrosive adhesive on the tip of the wires. Using the corrosive will help the wire from getting faulty.

Step 9

Attach the three wires with the breaker. Take the white wire and do what you have done in step 7. After that, hook up the ground, black and red wire serially.

Step 10

You can use the breaker manual if you want to detect the accurate terminal of connecting the wire. Lastly, cover the circuit breaker and turn on the main circuit breaker. After turning on the 50-amp breaker, you’re done with the steps!

Note: Don’t use any cheap products and compromise safety. Use the best-quality 220v welder plug adapter to avoid accidents.

What Gauge Wire For 220v Welder

Wire gauge informs you about the length of the wire. The numerical indicators opposite the conductor diameter tell you about a wire’s physical length. The larger the wire diameter is, the larger the wire. There are many sizes in wires: -16, -13, -9, and even -2!

What Size Breaker Do I Need for A 220V Welder?

Looking for the right kind of breaker for your 220 welders might seem easy. But it’s not as easy as it seems if you haven’t researched well. I have seen a lot of people being puzzled over the size of the breaker of their welder.

Choosing the right size of breaker plays a substantial role in protecting your house and wire. And according to my research hand surveys, 50A breaker is sturdy enough for a 220V breaker.

How to Wire A 220 3 Prong Outlet?

After choosing the right wire size, you can move on to wiring a 220V 3 prong outlet.

Step 1: Firstly, among three differently colored wires take the red and black ones.

Step 2: Secondly, connect those two to a double-gang circuit breaker that you can find in the panel by tightening the brass screws.

Step 3: Finally, the color of the third one varies and can be either white, green, or bare. Connect it to the ground bus which also needs to be found in the panel by tightening another brass screw.

Note: Bending too thick wire can be difficult. In such cases, you can make rings out of the copper wires before placing them on the terminal. After that, easily drive the brass screws through the hole in the ring, or remove them whenever you need.


In this article, I have chronicled about how to wire a 220 outlet for a welder. Wiring chores are very sensitive to deal with. Following any wrong steps can make you follow a bizarre.

That’s why I have discussed with several professionals before referring anything. And never think twice to take an expert’s help if you think it not your cup of tea. Let me know if this article helps you!