How To Wire A 50 Amp Plug For Welder? [6 Easy Steps]

Before you start the welder installation, you need to be very precise with which circuit breaker you will wire for your welder. However, if you need to do light-duty welding work with your required welder, the 50 Amp plug and breaker work adequately.

But do you know how to wire a 50 Amp plug for welder?

If you are not aware of the installation process just read this article because I will be explaining all the details here.

So, let’s learn How To Wire A 50 Amp plug?

To wiring a 50 Amp plug for welder first, pull the wires that connect to the panel or outside receptacle. Then, enter a double pole 50 Amp breaker into the sub-service or main circuit box. Read the details below.

How To Wire A 50 Amp Plug For Welder?

Now I will be explaining how to wire A 220 Volt 50 Amp Plug and a 50 Amp breaker here since 50-amp known as double breaker means 110 plus 110 equal 220 volts.

So, just follow each step thoroughly to do the installation successfully-

Step 1: Gathering Up All Your tools or equipment

For This installation, you will need a decent welder that can serve you best. You will also require a 50 Amp breaker and a 50-amp plug. Make sure your breakers are off position before you start the prep work. And you will need some additional tools such as- wire-strippers pliers, red tape, razor knife, screwdriver, pre-cut white, and black 10gauge wires.

Step 2: Prepare The Ground And Start Wiring

Before you start anything else, remove your circuit box panel cover and prepare the grounds. Now run those wires on the box and start wiring your plug. First, slide the wire into the slot of your welder box and tighten up the little screws properly.

Step 3: Put A Label On The White Wire

Now you can see the white wire there and put a red tape on to label it red so that anyone else in the future can quickly recognize if you are not around.

Step 4: Screw The Plug And Wire The Breaker

Now, simply screw the plug on that box and put the cover on. Next, you need to wire your breaker. To wire your breaker, you need to follow the same direction as the wiring plug. Now you got both black and red wire attached to your breaker, which means both are hot and ready to snap-in.

Step 5: Install The Breaker And Put The panel Covers On

Again, check your breakers whether it is in off position. As your ground is now ready, push your breaker all the way in to be installed properly. Now put your box’s panel cover back on as it was before.

Step 6: Final Testing

Now that you have finished all the settings, it is time to test your breaker. Turn on your breaker and plug the welder in. Then turn on the power button on your welder and do a test welding in a small piece of metal.

What Size Wire Do You Need For A 50 Amp Welder?

If you wish to use a 50-amp welder, you will need to use wires minimum of 8 gauges. In case the current remains close to the 50 Amp limit for an extended time. Then, you should pick a 6-gauge wire instead of 8-gauge.

For other current circuit breakers and required wire sizes have a glance at below chart-

Circuit Breaker Wire Size (Gauge)
10 Amp 16
30 Amp 10
40 Amp 8
50 Amp 6
60 Amp 4

Will 8 Gauge wire Carry 50 Amps? 

An 8gauge wire can take a maximum of 70-amp if you are in free air, which means it can also carry 50-amps as a part of a three-conductor cable. But if you are using a Romex or NM cable, it cannot carry 50-amps.

Will 10 Gauge wire Carry 50 Amps? 

10-gauge wire is capable of handling bare copper like a power line. But it will not last long with a 50 Amp since it is a large current. So, the current will eventually it will heat the wire.

Can 6 Gauge wire Handle 50 Amps? 

Of Course, a 6-gauge wire can handle 50 Amps because it is the recommended wire size for specially 50-amps.

Do You need a wiring 50 Amp welder outlet for 220v?

Yes. You will also 6-gauge wire and 3 prongs heavy-duty outlets.

What size breaker you need for a 220v welder?

Fora 220-volt welder, you require at least a 30-to-40-amp breaker. But for a three-phase, you may need up to 50 Amp breakers based on the welder’s voltage.

Ending Notes

Wiring the plug and breaker become very easy when you know how to do so precisely. That’s why I have explained how to wire a 50 Amp plug for welder and other relevant details. So, let me know how informative and helpful do you find this article.